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Bacon Burger Patty

Bacon Burger Patty

Enough with the Bacon coming off the burger with the first bite, Put it in the burger. This recipe I add the bacon into the meat, giving this patty a classic smoky and extremely juicy texture that keeps you coming back for more. Top it with Cheese and this is where its at. Comes Frozen in packs of 6 patties.


    Beef, Pork, Bacon, Egg, Breadcrumbs, Onion, Beef Stock, Montreal Chicken Spice, Black Pepper, Garlic. Spices, 


    These Burger Patties are made with Smoked Bacon that contain NITRATES, what does this mean? the Nitrates prohibit the ground beef from turning brown when cooked, it will stay pink. Please make sure when cooking, an internal temperature of 168 f or 75.5 c is achieved.    

  • Cooking Instructions

    It is recommented to cook all ground meat products to an internal temprature of 168 degrees fahrenheit or 76 Degrees Celsius.

170 Grammes
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