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Things People Are Saying

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Hello Bryan,


"Just wanted to let you know the soups, dinner rolls and biscuits I ordered were absolutely wonderful. I will definitely be ordering with you again and spreading the word about your business."

Hi Bryan,


"We just had your Loaded Potato soup and it was fantastic, one of my favorites."

"Thank you Bryan for the biscuits Cameron and I love them they're so delicious and tender melt-in-your-mouth."

"Bryan, the potato soup and dinner rolls were delicious!! Thanks, everyone loved it!"

"Ok, we had the seafood chowder! You have to be kidding me Bryan! The amount of Seafood was phenomenal, it was a great, great soup.

My list is getting longer of the soups I like.....all of them! Lol

The seafood chowder is amazing!"

"Bryan had the Mushroom soup for was great"

"We had the split pea soup tonight, it was on point! One of my favorite soups and this version is by far the best I've ever had.

Loaded potato and now split pea and both top shelf quality.

We also tried the biscuits and they were great."

"Omg love love love your soups ... and everything you make Bryan!"

"The cabbage roll soup was delicious! Very hearty and there was no skimping on ingredients! Thank you Bryan and Nancy!"

"Thank you The Soup Kitchen

for the squash soup is so delicious Cameron and I really enjoyed it can't wait to enjoy more on the weekend"

Hello Bryan,


"We have tried 4 of the soups (Loaded potato, Mexican chili Beef, Butternut squash & Apple and Classic chicken rice) so far, absolutely love them all!!

I am looking forward to trying the rest.  I am very happy with this service and will definitely be ordering more." 


Thank you so much!

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